Stratton Lawrence

Travel Writer | Editor | Content Marketing Manager

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Stratton Lawrence

Travel Writer | Editor | Content Marketing Manager


Liquid Asset

Plain, old water. This colorless, flavorless, odorless substance may seem quite ordinary, but the vital combination of two hydrogens and one oxygen taps into every system in the body. A steady flow of H20 boosts everything from skin tone to cognitive ability. Water accounts for about 60 percent of our molecular makeup, but unlike camels, humans don’t store excess; we require a fresh supply daily.
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Life Blood

Your blood connects your whole body and tells the story of your health. But how much do you actually know about it? Learn more about the life-giving—and saving—liquid that flows through your veins. According to The Blood Connection, just one pint of donated blood (the average amount taken during a donation) has the power to save up to three lives.
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What Happened When I Only Drank NA Beer For 40 Days

Non-alcoholic beer can be gross. My first, an Imperial Cero in Costa Rica, was no exception. It tasted like Sweet'N Low-flavored seltzer water with a hint of week-old keg beer.
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Ele-Mental: Stay Positive for a Healthy Finish to 2020

would not recommend.”. If years received online ratings, 2020 would be a dud. Despite a year that’s brought a pandemic, societal unrest, financial instability, hurricane stress and a heated election, there’s still time to close this chapter with smiles on our faces. Because collectively, we desperately need to find ways to be happy.
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Building Their Best Selves

For married Roper St. Francis Healthcare orthopaedic surgeons Kimberly and Brett Young, sharing responsibilities extends beyond Dad doing dishes while Mom handles bedtime. “Pass the knife, please” at dinner becomes “pass the scalpel” as they repair a patient’s elbow. “It’s like dancing with a partner who knows all the same moves,” says Kim of performing surgeries together.
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The Metabolism Factor

Decoding how the body’s complex chemical processes influence the numbers on your scale. Anyone who’s made a calculated effort to slim down knows the difficulty of subtracting pounds. In theory, losing weight should equate to a basic math formula: use more calories than you consume. Broken down to the fundamentals, it’s quite simple.
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It’s Sniffle Season

Just in time for the peak of cold and flu season, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated family medicine doctor shares how to decipher the chilly months’ most common maladies. The “common cold” may be a misnomer—more than 200 distinct viruses can cause what we call a cold, bringing with them mucus buildup, sore throat, stuffy nose and fatigue.
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Meet Two Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital OB/GYNs (Who Happen to Be Husband and Wife)

Felix Akinbote and Joye Fordham rely on teamwork both at home and at the office, where they deliver Berkeley County’s newest residents. An OB/GYN practice often takes on a familial atmosphere, thanks to the steady stream of pregnant women, supportive partners and children flowing through its doors.
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Matters of the Heart

Understanding the connection between diabetes and heart disease
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How Heart Surgery Has Evolved

The heart is the beating engine of the body, so when it needs a tune up, it’s not taken lightly. Traditionally, a sternotomy—a procedure during which a vertical incision often nine inches long is made down the center of the chest and the breastbone is divided, opening up the sternum—was the only way to access the heart.
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